Our Story

The idea behind Dating with Integrity came from the stories shared with friends and my small group. As friends we share about challenges, successes and everything in between. A topic that comes up regularly is dating. People share recent dating experiences, both positive and negative. As I hear more and more stories and read articles and blogs, it became apparent to me that we as a Christian dating community in Victoria have some areas we can improve on. I don’t have all the answers, but I think part of the problem stems from a lack of education and awareness as it relates to dating situations.

Founder of Dating with Integrity – Rachael Paul

I am a big proponent of furthering one’s education, be it post-secondary, personal development, spirituality and more. Dating is no different. Not everyone learnt about dating growing up; from dating with intention, to guarding your heart, all the way to respectfully ending a relationship, these are complicated dating situations to navigate. I propose we educate ourselves on Biblical teachings as they relate to dating topics so that we can go out into the dating world and make healthy, respectful decisions that impact ourselves and others. Our mission is to give individuals the tools and resources to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships based on a Godly foundation.

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