Antenuptial Agreement Template South Africa

Alternative models for marriage agreements: a simple version that only indicates the basic rules for each party that keeps its own and a full version that details how the different assets are distributed. This version of our marriage contract is for the sole purpose of allowing each of the new spouses to protect the ownership of the property he and she brought to the partnership in the event of separation. This is a simpler agreement for couples who have independent financial protection before marriage or partnership and for whom it is a matter of maintaining ownership of personal assets such as inheritances or a business rather than financial security. The document is drafted to meet the latest prospective requirements regarding the enforceability of a marriage contract. A marriage contract, also known as an ANC contract or marriage contract in South Africa, governs the terms of a marriage between future spouses. The decision to marry in community of property or with a marriage contract determines who receives what in the event of death or divorce. The wrong decision can lead to great emotional distress, delays and frustration. This is an important issue that must be carefully considered by all premutils. If you do not have a marriage contract before your marriage, you will automatically be married in a condominium. Make an appointment with Divorce Attorneys Cape Town to guide you through marriage contract options, answer your questions, and establish the agreement you choose best for you. In a marriage contract without creation, significant increases in one party`s wealth or debt during marriage in the event of death or divorce are not shared by the other party. Today, there are two good alternatives to consider during the hustle and bustle of your marriage: the marriage contract with or without provision.

As leading South African family lawyers, we see the practical consequences of marital property decisions every day. Our experience can help you make the best choice and ensure that your prenup contract or concubine agreement exactly matches your requirements. This agreement made this _(1)_ day of _____2)___