Scheduling Agreement Datasource

For example, the Service Level Order Schedule Lines (0CDS_C01_Q0001) consultation can be used to determine the number of order rankings and sales delivery plans for the APO made on time, too early or too late for parts sold to selected parties and materials. The comparison between the order date and the delivery date is made on the basis of calendar days. To make evaluations based on sales delivery plans, you need to work with SAP APO 4.0 and an SAP R/3 system with plug-in PI 2004.1. ยท Order and movement data for orders, order and movement data for order deliveries and delivery plans in SAP APO are from SAP R/3. Each source of supply in SAP is stored in a source list data set with clearly identified sources of supply, namely suppliers, internal procurement facilities, framework agreement positions or contracts. The source of supply supports the determination of the applicable source for an order request at a given time. The graph below shows how data on customer needs and deliveries of the R/3 system are combined with data on apoE sales plans. In addition to the InfoCube: Overview (0SD_C03) sales method with existing R/3 information resources (left, grey in the graph) from SAP BI Content 3.3 Add-On, you can also fill the InfoCube with data on APO delivery plans (right, blue on the chart). At SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW), you can analyze data on sales delivery products in SAP APO.

The evaluation of customer requirements in sales orders and sales delivery plans of the APO can be carried out for term positions or for sharing. In addition to the sales delivery plans set out in the APO delivery plans (APO sales delivery plans), SAP R/3 orders can also be included in the evaluation. The ODS Assignment of Deliveries to Needs (0CDS_DS07) is the central information provider in the information flow, in which the confirmed needs and needs of delivery plans and orders in SAP APO are compared with deliveries made according to the delivery date.