Sa Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement Salaried 2017

(b) an employee of the Labour Authority under Section 101B of the Education Act 1972 (with the exception of a worker employed as an instructor or teacher of swimming and water paid every hour, as indicated in a classification to the Teachers DECS Award or the SA School and Preschool Education Staff Enterprise Agreement 2012 (or an arbitration or enterprise agreement concluded in lieu of this arbitration award or enterprise agreement).) South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement 2017 – 2021 Australian Red Cross Blood Service Agreement South Australia 2017 (a) staff is employed at Customs, classified in a classification in the South Australian Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2014 (or an enterprise agreement entered into in lieu of this enterprise agreement); or (e) persons who are employed by the Crown in a public service under a statute and who are not entitled to long-term leave under this Act or under its terms of employment (with other persons appointed to the Office of Justice, a person paid exclusively by fees, allowances or commissions, or a person employed by a legal agency). Compensation and reimbursement rates for accommodation costs 2017/18 SA Wage parity s. 2017 (1) Section 51 of the Act, to the extent that the rights of an employee of a public agency to vacation leave are governed by Schedule 1, Part 6 (Long Service Leave) of the Act, are applicable to the formal negotiation of a new enterprise agreement (known as “Enterprise Bargaining”) on December 17, 2019. This agreement covers a wide range of groups of workers, including: (c) public sector employees covered by the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service Enterprise Agreement 2009 (or any enterprise agreement reached to replace this enterprise agreement); and b) the right to leave may be converted, until August 31, immediately after the fiscal year in which the law is created, in a public sector agency (or office or department within a public sector agency) appointed by the Minister, in an amount determined by the member of the Commission, when a choice is made to a public sector agency (or a public sector agency or service within a public sector agency) appointed by the Minister in a manner determined by the Commission; There you go. . (2n) Part 7 of the Act, amended by the sub-regulation (2o), applies to a staff member of a regional landscape group, which is employed in accordance with Section 35 (4) of the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 on July 1, 2020, if the worker is employed in tasks that, on July 1, 2020, are classified as – This page contains this page – contains information on a large number of industrial matters as well as links to significant industrial resources. (2 Sept) Part 7 of the Act, as amended by the sub-regulation (2g), applies to a worker of an employment agency under the 2008 Health Care Act if – . (2ab) Part 7 of the Act, as amended by the sub-regulation (2ac), applies to a member of the South Australian Registration and Early Childhood Services Board who are employed on July 1, 2013, if: . Increase in allowances and training salaries from 1 July 2018 Wage parity Business bargaining: general meeting of employees . “Consumer Price Index,” the Consumer Price Index published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (All Adelaide Groups); Adelaide Festival Centre Professional and Administration Agreement 2018 It also includes most SA public sector agencies, including: (7) For the purposes of Clause 7 (4a) of the Act.