Cnm Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Board of Directors of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), formerly known as the Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute (TVI), fulfilled the state`s mandate by confirming the CNM Employees Union (CNMEU) as the exclusive representative of NJC employees in several “bargaining units” (collaborators with common interests). This was codified in 2007 by a Governing_Board_Resolution that defines the powers and authorities of CNM (as employers) and CNMEU (representing KNM workers). This agreement is all the more important because the Brazilian government is building labour law and does not have a labour relations policy – it is an inspiration to trade unions throughout Brazil and as a whole. This directive is now organized by the National Joint Council, where it was developed by participating public service negotiators and employers. The document has not been amended and remains valid. This directive is considered to be part of the collective agreements between the parties to the National Joint Council and workers must be able to access this directive quickly. Faced with the Covid 19 pandemic, workers at VW plants in Sao Bernardo, Taubaté, Curituba and Sao Carlos voted in favour of a collective agreement that will protect their jobs for the next five years. The mandate for action (interim assignment) involves a compensation mechanism for workers who temporarily perform more important tasks. It occurs when a worker is required to perform, for the most part, the duties of a higher position, at least for the rights defined in the collective agreement or the current directives on commercial conditions.

You do not have to join our Union, but you really should. CNM Community College is not a “closed store” where workers must be unionized in order to work. However, according to state law, our Union must provide “fair representation” to all those who work in our organized bargaining units – if we negotiate, we will negotiate for all employees of our three units, members or not. The increase in union membership means for us more strength and authority in bargaining situations. Our mobile pricing scale is low for low-income members, but even the higher fees for full-time faculties are well below the national standard. If you join our Union and support it, you will become part of a group that will come together in a common cause to improve the lives of CNM employees, their loved ones and future students in New Mexico.