Website Hosting And Maintenance Agreement

If a regular software maintenance or update process requires additional time to complete beyond this contract, the ISP will notify the customer in advance and each additional time will be billed separately. Support hours end at the end of the quarter and are not transferred to the next maintenance quarter. Services: the basic obligation of these contracts, if provided for the service provider, perhaps during certain periods, a support service to enable customers to provide requirements for maintenance and technical assistance services with regard to the website or assisted application. The service provider must (or must make reasonable efforts) to respond to requests within a specified time frame. Maintenance services may include some or all of the following: adding new content to the supported website; Make minor changes to the design of the site Minor changes to the software or database used by the site Answering technical questions about the site and, most importantly, correct errors and errors on the site. Optional safeguard commitments are also included. Services may be subject to certain restrictions (for example. B calculated in people`s hours per month) which may result in additional fees in the event of overruns. Otherwise, you may have an outdated website within two years and be ill-prepared for an emergency. Believe us — we know that one day there will be one! Although we have summarized our web hosting and online maintenance contracts in this category, there are as many differences as there are similarities between these types of contracts. During this contribution, we used the terms “maintenance” and “support” somewhat interchangeable.

However, there are significant differences between these two types of services. Also, as we have already said, people have different conceptions of what these terms imply. Each of these legal models can be downloaded from one of our e-commerce sites. If you click on a template link below, you go to the corresponding page on the corresponding e-commerce site. We plan to make all of these documents available on this site by the end of 2012. Our experience has shown that negotiating a maintenance contract helps create the right expectations of a successful partnership with your web company. For this reason, it is important to discuss your maintenance needs at the very beginning of your project when you request an offer. Then add this important element to your overall budget. By agreeing to migrate your website to Positive Business Online, you understand that you are redirected to third-party sites to purchase and use third-party products, including plugins, and services that are not owned by Positive Business Online or controlled by positive Business Online.