Unregistered Agreement

… by an unregistered sales agreement that was not registered and, therefore, no stamp duty assessment questions were asked. Section 50C is not applicable. The confidence was…. When the notator entrusts the property by executing an agreement that is not registered with the reporting authority, Section 50C has not applied in such a case. Reliance was also… Jodhpur in the case of Navneet K. Thakar (supra). In this case, no stamp duty was levied, as the property in question was transferred by an unregant deed of sale. The modification of Section 50C… … Gurbachan Singh…

v. Raghubir Singh…. (2010) 5 CPR (Civil) 737, when the applicant provided the benefit on the basis of an unregated agreement relating to … are not very controversial. The applicant is in possession of the disputed property in part of the provision of the sale agreement, which was the basis of the legal action for a particular benefit… An appeal has been lodged for the adoption of a defined benefit on the basis of an agreement in which the applicant is already in possession of the contract, but… the judgment in Gurbachan Singh (supra) was quashed, which reads: “a) a legal action for a defined benefit on an unregord contract/contract for the sale … Contract to the extent that, even if it is not registered, it can form the basis of legal action for a specified benefit and be invoked as evidence of the agreement or partial performance of a contract… Rejecting the applicant`s and respondent`s complaint was admitted and the appeal was ordered. Applicant-defendant party has filed a complaint for the specific statement and benefit they… The Supreme Court recently upheld a court injunction that allows the plaintiff to conduct evidence of the unregord unsealed arrangement of the sale in his complaint for the recovery of the serious money paid by him at the time of the execution of the agreement for the sale. 9.

In light of the discussion, we are of the opinion that, although the agreement for the sale is not registered, the Vendee decree may sell the specific benefit on the basis of the unreganted agreement, in accordance with the law, as placed by the Hon`ble Delhi High Court in Devinder Singh Vs.