Gps Tracking Service Agreement

18.1. Tracking Solutions Corp. processes customer information in a manner consistent with federal data protection laws and privacy policy. If the privacy policy does not provide for and is not necessary to provide the Services, Tracking Solutions Corp. must not intentionally disclose the personal data or location information it has received through Tracking Solutions Corp.`s services to third parties not related to Tracking Solutions Corp. without the customer`s written permission. As described in the privacy policy, Tracking Solutions Corp. may occasionally use customer information to market the services of Tracking Solutions Corp. and its related companies to the customer. GPS equipment has fallen dramatically again due to market growth and economies of scale in manufacturing. As a result, the need to subsidize or fund gps tracking devices internally has been significantly reduced.

Why fund equipment that costs only $150.00? Is an HP printer worth $149.95 available for rent? It would simply be a cost. Since we offer service via wireless carrier networks and others, we cannot promise that your communications will not be intercepted by others. They accept that we are not held responsible for the damage caused by data protection when communicating on these networks. Then came the World Wide Web, in all its effective splendor. As a complex enterprise solution, GPS tracking could no longer be provided through internet-based software at a much lower cost. Competition has soared in the sector. 21.6.2. Customers can contact Tracking Solutions Corp.`s customer service department at 1-877-477-2922 free of charge or at 21.8.2. Tracking Solutions Corp. charges no additional fees for Tracking Solutions Corp. Customers who wish to receive location information and SMS alerts, unless the customer has ordered wireless data and SMS services from Tracking Solutions Corporation for the additional SMS charge to contact Tracking Solutions Corporation`s customer service. Most service plans do not provide a proportional refund for unused services.

Subject to your product warranty, you are not entitled to a refund of the purchase price of your device. If your device is disabled, there may be a reactivation fee if you decide to use it again later. This “agreement” agreement is between Manning NavComp, Inc. (“Manning NavComp”) and the user of the tracking service (customer). Tracking services (“Services”) provide vehicle location and tracking from the Internet via the Manning NavComp server and associated software (Manning NavComp).