Definition Of Membership Agreement

A member`s access rights to the benefits of the membership plan may be suspended if the member does not make contributions to the membership plan or otherwise does not follow the procedures and guidelines that the membership plan may adopt from time to time. The membership plan sends a written notice to the member`s last known address or email address regarding an event that could constitute a termination of membership, and the member has 10 calendar days to heal and repair the event. If we accept your application for membership, your membership will not begin until you have completed all the required membership requirements, including the payment of a membership fee (if applicable). Must immediately notify The Global Society if the information contained in its membership application or membership data is changed; (1) The first type of affiliation: companies with an initial capital of more than one billion yen. These operating regulations and regulations are interpreted in accordance with state laws (TX). In accepting membership in (MT), all members expressly accept and understand that all disputes relating to the interpretation of these regulations and operating rules relating to claims and means against the membership plan or the Fulfillment Company or any other litigation or litigation of any kind arising from or subject to it are settled and resolved exclusively and only in the following order and in the following order. First, such a claim, dispute or disagreement is submitted in writing by the member to the Director of Quality Assurance for review and, if applicable, accommodation. The Director of Quality Assurance has a period of 30 days to review and, if necessary, resolve the dispute. Second, if the Director of Quality Guarantee rejects the member`s request, dispute or disagreement or fails to respond within the current 30 days. Second, the member submits to this conciliation body the request, dispute or disagreement of the non-binding mediation that the plan could determine or which, if not, could be considered acceptable by both parties by and between the plan and the member. All mediation activities take place exclusively in Travis County, Austin, TX.